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Pete Martin

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Pete Martin

Blue Ridge, GA

Many many years ago I did car dirt track racing and some drag racing. Not being rich I had to do my own work. Made everything in house. Now I spend my time as a builder and crew chief for my boy who has started kart racing on dirt. His first year which didn’t start till mid season he placed third in points. That was a grand day considering we still do it ourself. Our major equipment consists of a welder, engine boring bar and some micrometers with a lot of elbow grease, blood sweat and tears. To see what we have done the hard way with very little money is gratifying but wish we could get some sponsorships and see what our full potential could be. But all the long nights spent in the shop trying to find was of getting more power and speed is so worth it knowing our 100 dollar motor and 50 dollar kart just outrun a 800 dollar motor and a 1800 dollar kart. Do it the hard way with no major money and be competitive tell me that’s not a champion.