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Kyle Smith

Water / Snow

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Kyle Smith

Ferndale , NY

My name is Kyle Smith I race the 212 for Smith Racing and my whole life I’ve loved nothing more than going fast. Since I was a child I’ve raced snowmobiles. It’s always been a passion, the adrenaline rush you get, the bond my family has when we race is something I’d never want to lose. I should be sponsored by Champion because I could represent Champion in a two ways. In a professional manor and a fan appreciated manor. Professional manor in a way because at the race track it is all serious business I do this stuff not only because I love it but because I wouldn’t want to let you down. I would represent in a friendly manor because I am well respected at the race tracks.I would show off your sponsor, and make you proud. My biggest triumphs in the racing business is starting from a young team with one snowmobile to know owning 14 sleds. We have the will and want to succeed. My biggest challenge was never being satisfied with how the preformance went. I always wanted to be one step ahead. It would be an honor to have this sponsorship for team Champion.