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tony colucci

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tony colucci

howell, NJ

I have a 1984 & 1985 Buick Turbo Regal in excellent condition and low mileage. I pride my cars and have them in my garage in a bubble. My 1984 Regal is a limited edition. I also have 2016 Camero which i have attached photos. I am so devoted to keeping my cars in show room condition. I do not make much money but I would go without eating just to maintain my cars. This money would be a dream come true. I used to show my cars & won several medals but could no longer afford to put them on trailers to these shows. My family is usually mad at me because I never take them out of the garage only for show & they keep telling me that I am wasting my time.I am so obsessed and have pictures of my cars hung all over the house!