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Shanon Schwarz


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Shanon Schwarz

Princeton, NJ

Sister. Racer. Friend. Legacy. As a nine year old, I am the first three. I'm striving to be the fourth. I have been driving quarter midgets for one year; my brothers have 23 years combined behind the wheel of quarter midgets. Thomas is also a Champion driver. I have been at the track since I was nine days old. I watched my brothers work hard; and Lil Red have success - and KNEW I had to be a part of it. I love the speed; I love the fun; mostly, though, I LOVE winning!! My first time at racing I wasn't very good. But I kept asking to try again. It paid off - I won nine A mains and 4 heats, made fast time at States and got third in my first Grands after starting eighth. I have raced in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio - with more tracks scheduled next year. I want to continue in my brother's footsteps and become a driver that represents Champion - and to become a Champion on track. I work hard at my racing and know I would be a great representative!!