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Lauren Butler


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Lauren Butler

Pittsburgh, PA

My first taste of racing came in go-karts at the age of 12. I then went to asphalt in the Allison Legacy Series in 2002, made a brief debut in Late Models, and have been in Street Stocks since 2006. What fuels my passion for racing is the look on my parents face when we have a good night and all the little fans that I have become a role model to. I had many highs which ended up with wins or thrilling finishes. My biggest accomplishment was becoming the FIRST woman to win a championship at Jennerstown Speedway and the FIRST woman under the RUSH Asphalt/Dirt Banner in 2017. Our lowest low was a last minute rules change and I didn't know if I was going to make the season. I deserve a place on #TeamChampion because I want to move forward with my racing career. I reach every goal I set for myself and we could make a great a team. I should be sponsored by CHAMPION because I want to show that even the local teams can make it big and be heroes to the kids that want to be racers when they grow up.