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Jessica Pasinetti


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Jessica Pasinetti

North Gower, ON

I have been racing with my father as my crew since I was 8 years old. We started in go-karts together, both driving in our own classes and when I reached the age of 15, we jumped into a paved oval stock car. We found that we were very competitive and we moved up the classes until we found ourselves in the Thunder Car class. In 2015, I acquired a brain injury. I wasn’t sure I was going to ever race again, but I worked hard on my physiotherapy and by the next season I was ready to go. Unfortunately, our home track in Ottawa closed so we decided to go to Peterborough, Ontario, 3 hours away. Our first season at a new track was interesting to say the least. I was the only female driver in my class and found I was facing some sexism, for example one driver told me he wrecked me because the boys would never let him live down being beaten by a woman... However, we never give up! We are a strong team and show good sportsmanship. We are ready to get back to victory lane!