On The Track

Dennis Stuckey


Dennis Stuckey

hebron, KY

SBS MOTORSPORTS was family-founded 18 years ago. We have combined the love of drag racing with the need for awareness of the crippling heroin epidemic that is facing our society. Our goal is to not only win on the track, but spread awareness and the hope of recovery.

The triumph we have had seen in the last three years was the over-coming of addiction not only in our family, but fellow racers. We have not only put a winning car back on the track after our fathers death from cancer, but we have brought hope in a new light to those affected by addiction.

Our goal this year is to expand to a regional tour not only at the race tracks, but within the community to work with and have programs for the youth. We want to do this through community events and programs with the Jr. Dragster divisions. We can only do that with partnerships with local and national companies. What fuels our passion is simply two things; the love for the sport of drag racing and the family environment that comes with it and the faith we have in breaking the chains of addiction on families.