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Mitch Swinton


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Mitch Swinton

Lone Tree, IA

The Lil Racer Car Club is a 501(c)3 non profit public charity whose mission is to provide educational, recreational, and entertainment programs to young racing fans under 14 years of age. Currently beginning its 12th year of operations, the club is staffed entirely by volunteers and entertains over 1200 club members at 4 different race tracks here in Eastern Iowa.
Children and young racing fans are the FUTURE of our great sport of racing and without THEM, fan bases will soon drop off and tracks will close.We race NOTHING with a motor. We race Boxcars, Big Wheels, Bikes, have candy dashes, free ice cream giveaway nights, host "KIDS with Cancer" nights, HEROES Autograph nights, Gunny Sack races, etc. We make it FUN for the kids to come racing with their parents at the tracks we serve. We do not accept monetary funding from the tracks themselves, but rely entirely on sponsorship and donations to provide a weekly event all season long at each of our race venues.