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Hunter Brown

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Hunter Brown

Bentonville , VA

My love of cars started the day I was born, I’ve been in love with them since I could realize what a car was. My great grandfather and my dad introduced me to cars, my grandfather was in the mechanic during the Korean War and opened his own shop after he got out , and my dad was in the auto body field. Now I’m 17 and I am in a auto technology program that my high school offers. I’ve owed many project cars including a 1985 300zx, which I sold due to being to not having the time to work on it due to school, a 1988 suburban, and a 1970 Dodge Dart thay my great grandfather left me. My proudest momment was when I pulled my dart from the barn where it sat for 20 plus years even if it wasn’t under its own power and this is possibly my greatest challenge to get the dart to my standards of perfection, my freinds are all pitching in to help get this car there. Thank you for you time and sorry for any mistakes in spelling I’m not the best at typing.