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Bumblebee Racing


Bumblebee Racing

Gilbert , SC

The Bumblebee Racing Team loves to race. No, seriously. Whether it’s a small scale, no time shootout, or an all out Radial vs The World race, if the car is still running, we’ll be there. It’s our passion and we love the challenge behind it. Of course, it’s a lot of hard work, but the journey is the pleasure and the winner's circle is our bonus!

What keeps us driven more than anything is the children; they are some of our greatest fans. When the car rolls out and the kids walk by, we absolutely love to hear them turn and say, “look dad! It's Bumblebee!!” With that being said, the high energy fans are amazing in this sport and are always exciting to interact with. It brings us joy to talk with them, take photographs, and sign autographs for them.

We're eager for this coming season to begin, as it's going to be an even more exciting one like no other before! We thank you for following our team and we look forward to seeing you at the track!