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Sparks Parris


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Sparks Parris

Blacksburg , SC

My name is Sparks Parris and this is my very first year of racing a race car. I have previous racing experience with go karts at a track called Iron City(Patriot Speedway) in Blacksburg, South Carolina. We love your company and we love what you do for racing. Just sitting in the grid waiting to go out is one of the best feelings there is in racing. So far we have four wins at Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, South Carolina. My fuel for racing is its always been in my family and I want to be the one to bring home gold and have as much fun as possible. My dad, Danny Parris, is one of my main fuels to go into racing. I have a burning passion for racing and with the loving support of my family. I am getting better and better every week. This sponsorship will help me more than I can ever imagine. We have used n2c sparkplugs for our car, however we recommend and use Champion Spark Plugs and we thank you for the opportunity to give back to the racers. I hope you consider me for the nomination and thanks for the opportunity.