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Stephan Monette

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Stephan Monette

Casselman, ON

I purchased this 1970 Hemi Cuda and when we tried to start the engine; we discovered the engine was done! What a deception! I have a really nice car, but no engine for it! So we decided to build a new engine to compete at Engine Masters Challenge and then use it in the Cuda. We started with a small block hemi 5.7 from a 2005 RAM. Carlo Aghbashian then ported the brand new Thitek heads. I designed and cut my own intake gasket with O-rings on both sides of the gasket to seal the intake to the heads perfectly. We tuned the engine on my Superflow Dyno and the result was an impressive 716hp using the Copper Plus Champion Plugs! It was now time to put everything together and my buddy Richard Leblanc help me fit everything. Big surprise! The headers do not fit. Nicholas Martel built the custom headers to fit my engine and frame. So after 3 years in the project, we got the car out for the first time on November 6 at the track and the car made 9.39s with a 1.28s @ 60ft. Make me a racing Champion next spring!