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Shane Quinn


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Shane Quinn

Spokane , WA

I started karting when I was 8. through out my teens I became champion, track record holder, at several tracks around the PNW, Primarily raced four strokes but also raced two strokes. I raced karts until I was 21. when I turned 21 bought a mini stock but racing has paused when i bought my home. i don't have a trailer and can use some upgrades to the car. but i still hop in a kart now and then. I'm only 25, i can use a good kick start back into fulltime racing again. I just love racing i miss it, i think I'm more hungry behind the wheel because I believe I am talented enough to where i think i should be able to race full time. each race matters more to me. because I'm not sure when I'm gonna get the next, I'm a guy in my mid 20s trying to build in my life looking for opportunities. so every vote counts and would be deeply appreciated,