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Wade Rookard


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Wade Rookard


I am 19 years old and a first-generation driver. My father was not a famous wheelman like many other young drivers I race against every weekend. In a way, I think that is my greatest triumph. I started in go-karts. A couple years ago Dad and I bought an open wheel modified. When we bought the car, we had no idea what we were doing. We couldn't afford to pay a crew chief or buy a brand-new car that would get us wins right from the start. So, Dad and I went to the racetrack improving and learning each week. We learned how to win by ourselves. That is my greatest accomplishment. My career needs this sponsorship to help me be the driver that I dream to be. I have already proven that I can win with a strict budget. Imagine what I could do with better equipment and a motor with champion spark plugs. As a kid I never thought I would be winning races and racing against the best drivers in the country. That is why I encourage every kid that I talk to, to dream big! If you want it, go get it!