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Clint FIshel


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Clint FIshel

Phoenix, AZ

My dad took me to my first drag race when I was 12 years old. Seeing and hearing these cars race down the track, smelling the nitro in the air, and creating these amazing memories with my dad are all what led my dad and myself to start a father and son racing team. My biggest triumph was pulling a NHRA divisional win my second year racing. My biggest challenge is that I want to spread the same experience I had when I was younger to other kids, and give them lasting memories and passion for the sport as well. I race on a very limited budget, and its great showing people they can do the same and don’t need the fanciest equipment, but I would love to travel to even more tracks than what I currently race. I love to take my race car around to local businesses and see the smiling faces of kids who get to sit in the car, and want to be able to involve the younger generations in this amazing sport!