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Jason Owens


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Jason Owens

Cumming, GA

I have had the opportunity to race, and track some great and very fast cars. When building my own, I have always searched for something unique. I have had my 2007 Honda Fit Sport for several years, having tracked it all over the east coast. Last year I decided to step it up for Time Attack. It turned some heads, set some amazing lap times for the chassis, even when I trailered it across country to Buttonwillow Raceway for the final event, finishing 3rd in class. I planned to finish the cage over the winter and go road racing with it next year. Then during the latest Hurricane storm, tragedy hit and a large tree fell on the car, crushing the front windshield frame, roof, pillars, etc, insurance totaling it. My daily driver 2012 Honda Fit sport was also damaged slightly. I have decided to continue with my passion for the often overlooked chassis, Mini MiniVan, as i call it and am working to start over, using my 2012 chassis to build the fastest road race Honda Fit in the world. The damage caused a step back financially, but I Aim to complete this new build and compete once again.