Mike Pascuzzi
Off The Track, Lawn and Garden

My name is Mike and I'm a retired firefighter. During my time in the fire department, I had to do the best in any situation thrown at me. I bring this mindset to everything I do whether it's being a great husband, doing DIY projects in the house, and outside, maintaining a wonderful lawn.

I should be the Champion Grand Prize Winner because with your sponsorship, I could create the ultimate picture perfect lawn and proudly share that while the labor is mine, the credit for outstanding maintenance is thanks to Champion products. I rely on Champion products to keep my "toy" running so the grass is well maintained like you see at championship golf courses.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

Champion Spark Plugs keep my mower running off the track so I can tackle jobs quickly and have confidence that it won't putter out when I need the power the most.

After spending all of my years in a city with never anything more than a postage-stamp sized lawn, the learning curve was steep when I moved to the country. I quickly learned the importance of quality parts - especially when a store isn't a mere 2 blocks away as well as the value of being able to do proper maintenance on my own. I enjoy a job well done - but that does not mean I want to have to do it repeatedly. Champion products allow me to perform maintenance quickly and with confidence.


Tolland, CT

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