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Raymond Brelsford


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Raymond Brelsford

Mooresville, NC

Ever since I was little I had a passion for racing. It's what I had grown up around. I had always watched but never had the chance to actually become a part of it. Until one day I was lucky enough for a man (junior Blackburn) to put me in one of his 4 cyl mustangs. It wasn't the prettiest or the fastest but it was a start and I loved it. I'm addicted to the feel of racing now. The adrenaline, the excitement, the sound of 100 cars running around me. There's nothing better than that feeling of when I sit in my car and strap in. Ever since I got my first ride I have raced 1 full season and that being my rookie season have 1 win and 3rd in points. Since that season I completely re done my car from suspension to engine to the roll cage. I have also purchased 2 other dirt cars and have been trying to put them together to start a team. Thank you for your time thank you for listening to my story. -Raymond