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Derek Elmore

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Derek Elmore

Hayesville , NC

As a kid my dream car, or truck rather, was a Ford diesel. I loved the sound, the size, the look, the versatility, and of course the power. Fast forward 16 years or so and i could finally afford to buy one. A lucky coincidence occured when i lost the tranny in my gmc, went to the dealer, and there she was, a 2003 6.0 F350 King Ranch, with only 60k miles! Jackpot. Fast forward 2 years, and I'm on the 3rd set of heads/gaskets etc. In the repair process ive decided to upgrade along the way, and being on a budget, the troubleshooting/repair/upgrades are done by yours truely. It's not unusual for me to stay up all night in the cold and/or rain laying under the hood or in the mud. This truck has become my addiction. I can't stop myself from buying parts, or tinkering, painting, tearing down, and rebuilding. I'll continue to push as much power and style as possible until it burns to the ground.