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Alex Sanders


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Alex Sanders


I was born into Offroad. At 2 weeks old I went for my first buggy ride and came back asleep, at 6 I learned to drive the rail and at 12 I could climb anything people 10-20 years older than me could climb. At 14 I did some drag racing, at 16 I put my dad's old pull truck together and ran it for a couple years. At 22 I won the 2011 top truck challenge with a buggy I built for $2200. Now I race a rockbouncer I built. I build my own cages, suspension, axles, transmissions, bore and assemble my own engines too. I have never had the luxury of buying parts. If I cannot build something I need I search scrap yards until I find something that will work. You will not find someone with more will to compete, win, and put on a show. Vote for me and help me attend more races!