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Tiffany McCarthy

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Tiffany McCarthy

andover, OH

Born and raised in a junkyard I have always had a passion for rebuild. There was always so much potential in everything I was surrounded in. I love classic cars, motor cycles, and big trucks. I don't really have a favorite Make of automobile I think every make has it's best and worst model. I love electricity, engine performance, and rebuilds even though it's becoming obsolete i feel it's a great talent to have. Tools and equipment are a must and very expensive. I am motivated and efficient , After school I want to continue my education in engineering.I have theories of an engine that will out power other engines on the market today that is also smaller than other engines. In order to conduct such research and testing requires even more need for advanced equipment. I have been raised to never ask for hand outs, but this attempt is not to ask for free money!! This is an opportunity for a combination of will and the tools needed to one day produce a product that can change the entire automotive industry. Leaving a footprint in the automotive history books is my destiny.