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Aryton Grim


Aryton Grim


My name is Aryton and I am an 8 year old Go Kart Racer from Ohio. My parents named me after the famous FORMULA ONE driver Ayrton Senna.

Since I was one I loved anything that went fast. When I was 4 years old my dad bought me my first go kart. In 2015 I was Rookie of the year, Kid Kart Champion & Runner up at Kid Kart Nationals. In 2016 I was Runner up in the WKA Winter Cup Series in Kid Karts. In spring of 2016 I moved up to Yamaha Rookie and finished 3rd in points. 2017 I moved up to Yamaha Sportsman where I was racing against the best kids. I finished out the 2017 season with 15 podiums, 2 wins and 4th place in points in Yamaha Sportsman.

This sponsorship will help keep me doing what I love the most, racing and spending time with my family! I would like to be able to travel to different tracks to gain more racing experience. In Ohio we don’t have competitive tracks that are competitive. If I am chosen I will work hard, have fun and show everyone why you chose me to be on #TeamChampion.