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Chase Janes


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Chase Janes

Harrisburg , NC

I’m chase Janes driver of the number 47 limited latemodle for the 2018 season, 2017 was my first ever season in a stock car, I had one win and a lot of second place finished. I finished 2nd in points for the track championship due to missing a race cause a blown motor. I got into racing from my family on both my mom and dads side, my dad and his brothers and my grandparents have been racing for decades and it’s all I’ve ever known. My biggest challenge is funds it is hard to go against upper funded teams, My parents and families sacrifice everything for me to race we put bills of and will go without things just to make the track every weekend but we are all always happy anyway because that’s what we love, some family’s go to movies or dinner we go racing that’s what we love to do. It would be awesome to be team champion and park it in victory lane and better yet redeem my self with more when’s and a track championship. Thank you for your time to read this -Chase Janes #TeamChampion