In The Garage

sean niles

sean niles

phelps, NY


I work on a lot of things, mainly old stuff, I like anything old and runs on a fuel. I always have projects lined up, my father says I have more then I will ever be able to get to, he may be right but I will do my best to try.
I am currently working on the 1966 Chevrolet C-30 my father bought 30 years ago, it has a list of small things that can be done with. I pick at them as I can. I also have a 1955 Chevrolet 4400, that will be a bigger challenge, it runs and drives but doesn't look pretty. it was my grandfathers and hope to one day restore it.
there is number of other I would like in my arsenal to tackle the body work on my grandfathers truck. I do must all my own maintenance on the classics and the daily drivers and will work all night to finish a task or to make sure it gets back on the road the next day and that's what makes me feel like a champion in the garage.

thanks for the opportunity