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Ricky Conley


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Ricky Conley

Ft white , FL

I been involved with racing my whole life one way or another helping other drivers watching or driving my car..
Just being at the track is enough for me. I struggle to keep up with the cost of racing and having a family, for me my wife and kids first then I race when I can ,money being the key problem on why I can’t race every weekend. My kids and wife help on Racecar they love being part of the ups and downs of racing. They also motivate me . We could compete in every race with the right opportunity and go for championships. We do events at schools and local shows to keep kids involved and interested in racing, me and my kids are always promoting dirt track racing to everyone. that’s why we started going to schools. I love helping people in and out of racing . So what fuels me is my family first then promoting racing and getting other kids involved in racing,winning races and helping other drivers get their cars ready for Saturday night ...