On The Track

Jonathan Nebel


Jonathan Nebel

Borden, ON

I have gotten back into racing after a 17 year hiatus due to my job. I am an 18 year veteran and currently serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces and am a driver instructor for the military. I raced go karts as a kid and got the inspiration to race from my grandfather. I won 2 championships while kart racing and won rookie of the year with my first year back in racing.

My passion for driving is what drives my passion to race. I enjoy racing for the fans and having my family as my crew.

I race an Outlaw Midget in a traveling series through Ontario. The car uses a 440 c.c. snowmobile engine which allows us to get as fast as a late model car.

It is an entry level racing series with the speed of the big cars with a fraction of the cost. It is one of the newest up and coming series in Ontario.