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Chanda Ross


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Chanda Ross

MCalisterville, PA

When I was younger my father got me into racing. We would go racing every weekend and I would help get him up to the line. Then when I was eight years old I got into my own car and started winning races. We would travel to major events to make it a challenge. In 2011 my little brother and I won the same race on the same day in our age category. We would love to go to the bigger events out west and have some fun. I have been in the seat for 12 years now and hope to continue my journey. In 2015 I took a break from racing to pursue my dream to go into the military. I was in Washington state for 2 years. Now I'm back in PA and ready to get back behind the wheel, win some races, and most importantly have fun. I'm 20 now with two kids of my own. I am hoping they take the same path as I did with the love for racing and wanting to continue the tradition.