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Gregory Borzewski

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Gregory Borzewski

Jim Falls, WI

I been working on this 1983 Ford Mustang GT. I have been re building this car for years. But last years when i was moving from a rental house i fell going down the stairs and hurt my neck when i fell on the hand rail with my neck. 3 weeks latter my whole right became UN usable. I couldn't get off the bed or even make to the bathroom. Called my doctor and thought i had a stroke. It wasn't that, so he told me to get to the Hospital, took X-Rays, CT scans, and MRU's. They found 4 crushed vertibra's in my neck and spine. They rushed to in for an operation. almost 12 hour's in there. it took 4 days to wake up. I never want to go through that again. But i'm trying to walk, write, speck, write all over again. So i guess my GT will take longer to work on. Life go's on. Thank you for all the great parts you support me with. Gregory Borzewski