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Duncan Millar

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Duncan Millar

Plainfield, IL

Most of the work has been to the suspension. The Spec E30 permits little engine modification, so I focused on handling. The front subframe had to be replaced because of a seized mounting bolt I discovered when I was changing out the control arms and control arm bushings. A worn brake line under the driver’s seat was patched with new line because of a worn and failed plastic bracket that allowed it to become more intimate with the underside of the car than I’d have preferred. The rear subframe came out as well to replace all of its related bushings with RevShift Polyurethane bushings, and the differential swapped. The shocks on all four corners are Bilstein Sport B8s, accompanied by lowering springs, and ST sway bars. All being legal in the Spec E30 series. The TRMotorsports C1s are wrapped in Kumho XSs.