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Thomas Lindenau

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Thomas Lindenau

Nanaimo, BC

Fixing things has been my passion long before I became a mechanic. My pride and joy is my 1992 Dodge Dakota. Ive spent countless hours enjoying this truck. One of the first things I did to it was a tune up, all champion parts. Ive since rebuilt the rear differential, transmission and transfer case. An engine rebuild or replacement is in the near future. I lifted the truck and built a custom roof rack out of scrap metal. I like to taking it camping and off road. My other vehicle is my 1990 Audi V8 Quattro. I really enjoy how fast and rare this vehicle is. I bought it and towed it to the shop because it did not run. I've since replaced the radiator and got it running great again. I also fixed the timing belt slap and re-timed the engine. So far its great but still needs lots of love. Buying unique and broken down vehicles is a fun and rewarding challenge. Which is why if I was chosen as a champion, the money would be used to repair the car more and future projects for the dodge. Thank you for your time and consideration.