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Jeff Lacy


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Jeff Lacy

Fresno, CA

4 Freinds split the cost and built a 4 door Enduro Race Car #17.
We raced it for 5 years,then the car was to bad to fix anymore.
I stopped racing for 5 years.
My wife said I need to get back into racing,(more like you need a hobby, and get out of my
So I got a Nova Enduro Race Car that was about 90% done from a friend.
Painted in with the Dolphin Car Theme #13 we all know today.
When then they stopped having Enduro races at the tracks near me,I started running with the Hobby Stocks.
After the last big crash,the old Dolphin Nova had seen its last race.
It happened on the first race of the season.
So with a wreck race car in the driveway,I was just looking to see what was out there for sale.
I saw an ad of a roller for only $1500.00
Said to the wife, hey check this Race Car out, it pretty cool...hint hint.
She said why don't you go ahead and get it.
Put my motor and transmission in it,changed the gears,and of coarse painted the Dolphin Car theme went racing again.