In The Garage

Myles O'Reilly

Myles O'Reilly

Winnipeg, MB

Teaching my kids how to work with their hands and to maintain what they own has always been a top priority for me. When they are young we start with bicycles, fixing, maintaining and modifying them. A little older and we progress to the yard equipment so they know more than just how to use it but how to maintain it and keep it running for years to come.

As they get older we transition into larger, more involved projects. Not just the basics, but the cool stuff to really get them interested and involved.

My oldest son (16) and I are currently working on restoring a 1975 Pontiac Firebird that I bought as a project for us when he was only 2. We are also rebuilding a wrecked Honda VTX and maintaining and upgrading a Kawasaki Vulcan so we can cruise the highways side by side. And as always maintaining the boring old family van because not everything is fun.

No room to walk in the garage but just enough room to work. And that's the way we like it.