In The Garage

Ben Deutschman

Ben Deutschman


Either my 1960 Plymouth our family has owned since it was new gets worked on in this Garage, or the 2002 Dakota Quad Cab, 1982 Ford Fairmont, or my 1976 Trans Am.

What drives me top work on my own vehicles? Economic necessity, and the fact one them is older than the Mechanics that would try to work on it, and they're often clueless on diagnosing any problems it may develop, because they can't plug it in.

Proudest moment, when my Trans Am fired up and ran after a day and a half marathon session of tearing the Engine down to the Block, and changing everything from there on up.

What is my biggest challenge? I manage to work in this cramped space.

What makes me a champion? Despite a screwed up Back, and a bum Knee, I still manage to maintain my own vehicles.