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Tasha Gonzalez

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Tasha Gonzalez

Scurry, TX

In the video I was running a tractor hole digger to put in post and plant some trees. I was alone and ended up breaking a connector bolt and a codder pin before I was finished! Easy fix thankfully. Other pictures were kind of a photo shoot of me and my truck. I worked on this truck and brought her back to life. So it was a celebration and to show a lady can fix things just as great as any man and we dont have to wait on a man to get around to it! The tools in our house are mine! My truck is a 1994 F150 and her name is Big Red. She has been in our family for about 7 years. I taught all my kids to paralell park in Big Red! I do all the repairs and maintenance on her.
(pardon spelling errors please)