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Mattie Keener


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Mattie Keener

Whitwell , TN

I drag race with my family that have done it for years. I have been around it all my life. I am myself when I’m sat the track with my family and track family. There is nothing any better than that. I have had my ups and downs it took me about a year to start getting good at the tree. I can say I had some beginners luck my first time out I won first in my first race ever. I just got out of jr. Dragsters and moved up into the nova. Still getting a little use too it. My jr had hung the throttle before it didn’t want to run it’s number but we usually got it going right again. The nova is a lot more fun to drive and I’m getting use to the box in the car. I drive super pro like my older sister. I could live at a race track