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I currently own and tinker with a blown '23 T-bucket that is AWESOME fun !! I recently sold the blown '31 coupe but it was AWESOME fun as well. I want to start a dropped big rig on a 1 ton frame project but I'll work on whatever finds it's way to me in the meantime.
My Grandad (my mother's dad)owned his own shop when he was dad owned his own shop when he was younger and I have owned mine for 26 years now.
I grew up working on cars and the 7th grade I bought a pair of dirt bikes and repaired the 8th grade I assembled a 5hp briggs engine in class and started it for a science project and went to work in a garage as a helper/cleanup...9th grade rebuilt my first small block chevy in the back yard and never stopped. I love working on and driving old cars and hot rods. Myself and some friends went on the Hot Rod Power Tour a couple years ago.
I would love to win your sweepstakes and play some more !!