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Jim Steffenhagen


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Jim Steffenhagen

Fairport, NY

I began my racing career in the summer of 1998 at Spencer Speedway in upstate NY. My first couple of seasons were filled with nights of waiting for the fast guys to come up from behind and put me that 1st lap down. I learned that races are not won that day at the track but rather those long nights put in at the shop improving the car, learning how to choose the right springs, shocks, corner weights, tire pressures, Etc. and eventually I was able to stay on the lead lap. All I ever wanted was to be one of those guys I grew up watching, to be the guy standing with the checkered flag at the end of the night. Eventually with hard work and a great team of guys and girls behind me, we were able to start gaining on the fast cars, eventually surpassing them and ultimately winning races. We began racing in the NYSS series a few years back and were able to win the Championship. We will be again racing in the NYSS Series in 2018, looking for another championship racing against more than 70 of the best Super stocks in the US!