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Jacob Helms

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Jacob Helms

Grants pass, OR

I started building my front engine dragster a year ago in my high school auto tech class. We started with nothing, a front axle buried in the the ground and some tubing. After we all graduated i ended up with the unfinished dragster, i had designed it and bult every piece so everyone thought it was fair. I continued working on the chassis and drive train myself, scavenging junkyard parts to put it together. Everything on the dragster is used or recycled or original 1960s equipment. I build the engine myself with what parts i could get a hold of. The engine is a 283cid chevy 450hp at 8500rpm 13 - 1 compression ratio, with a 930cfm predator carb. I am still working on finishing it, due to my lack of fund's i couldn't afford a trailer so i build a ramp truck attachment to my 1970 ford pickup (see in photos) every year i go to the eagle field runway drags in dos Palos ca. Regardless if the dragster is done i bring it with me.