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jessie daniel


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jessie daniel

loganville, GA

I began racing when i was eight, and i am now 16. I’ve always found interest in racing and cars ever since i was younger. When i was five i helped my dad rebuild a 1968 camaro motor. I found out about racing because my dad and grandpa use to race so that’s how i got into it. Racing is a huge passion of mine simply because i get to do what i love about every weekend and also the friends you make along the way makes it even better.One of my goals which i have accomplished was to become the track champion. Also i have many other goals i would like to achieve. But racing has taught me a lot, It’s not always about winning. It’s about going out there and trying your hardest but if you’re having fun then that’s a win because you lose some and win some. I would love to be apart of #TeamChampion that way i could promote you guys more and possibly further my racing career.