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McKenna Nelms


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McKenna Nelms

Newnan, GA

Nelms Racing would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. My name is McKenna Nelms and I'm 14 years old from Newnan, Ga. We are looking for sponsors for 2018 season of racing. I have raced gokarts for half of my life but I decided to move into a Bomber car which is a metric chassis. 2017 racing season is still not over but we are trying to get a head start on sponsorships. I have ran at two different tracks so far and have done really well at both of them. At West Georgia speedway I have 4 wins over there and two 2nds, at New Senoia Raceway I have came very close to winning a race but haven’t got a win yet.
We have bought a limited late model and gonna be running at different tracks close to home. But if y’all are looking to help Nelms Racing out, then the logo of y’alls company goes on shirts, and on the side of the car. Thanks for taking time and reading this again!