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Craig Conely


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Craig Conely

Corydon, IN

200 words? I’ll try! I’ve always loved all types of motorsports but growing up in the country offroad was my favorite. Dirt bikes and then ATVs, but turning 16 my father and I built most people’s dream car, a 69 RS Camaro. Fast forward some years and the car was sold so I could chase my dream of offroad racing. I raced my first full season this past year, running the Ultra4 Eastern series. On an extremely limited budget, with basic parts and equipment I ended up third in class for the season. While I enjoy beating some of those guys with huge budgets on a tiny one, its no secret that racing is very expensive. Its hard to balance not only money but time between racing and spending time with friends and most importantly family. A racing sponsorship from Champion would help me with both aspects of money and time. I could update some older parts that require a lot more maintenance, and time. It would also help greatly with travel costs and entry fees. Id love the opportunity to represent Champion while I chase my dreams of being one! Thank you for your consideration!