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Austin Holcombe


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Austin Holcombe

Elm City, NC

For me racing isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of Life! I have raced for many years, but my calling is, Open Wheel Modified. I guess you could say, the determination I have to succeed is nothing short of a lifetime Career Goal! Knowing how everyday I can go out into the garage and see the masterpiece of something I built from the ground up, is already a win in my book and keeps me pushing harder each day to stay on top of things. My biggest challenge is of course competing with guys, who have double the years experience I have myself, and the thrill of getting to pass in the final lap. My proudest moment? Well they are all proud moments. From not winning, to taken 1st! However I’m more proud of my family and friends, I rely on them more than they do of me. Being given a chance to get a awesome sponsor like Champion is a once in a lifetime honor, and well worth every word of this essay. Four walls a roof and a few tools is all you need, the rest is in the heart.