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Allen Amrine

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Allen Amrine

Colorado Springs, CO

My name is Allen Amrine and my passion is getting classic cars back on the road. I run Corvair Owners Group, and I believe we are getting cars back on the road at an unbelievable pace. I am driven to do this because our younger generations need to see how cool these cars are! The biggest challenges in the build for me are financial. Running the group is a full time job and then some! I have to figure out ways to make the small amounts of money coming in to work on my projects. I am always proudest when I get a car like this Lakewood wagon back on the road and keep it away from the jaws of the crusher! This car was last licensed in 1971, and when I get it done it will be used to road trip to car events across the country, and for my family to enjoy. Thank you for voting for this project!