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Kaiden Anderson


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Kaiden Anderson

Yakima, WA

I have been in the racing community for over ten years. I am currently racing U.S Legend cars but my racing career started in Quarter Midgets. I had cancer at the age of two months and all the repercussions disabled me from doing any sports. Racing has been apart of my life and i cannot imagine myself doing anything else. In the early stages of racing i was able to take multiple championships and race wins and a second and third place at nationals. From that point on we moved up into the U.S Legend Car Series. These past two years of legend car racing we were able to pick up 40 top 10s, 24 top 5s, multiple wins, and lastly two championships. To be apart of #TeamChampion takes dedication, commitment, and diversity. I believe i have all three of these characteristics to accomplish a successful season. Every minute of my time is spent at the race track practicing to get better, i have embraced racing on every level to be successful, and lastly i am a 16 year old from a small town called Yakima in Washington state dealing with the repercussions of cancer and i race.