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austin rains


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austin rains

monticello, KY

Hello my name is Austin Rains. I live in Monticello KY a small town in southern ky. From a young age I was hooked on the smell of new tires and race fuel on Friday and Saturday nights. I come from a very large racing family who have always had to do things the hard way. Working a full time job, to being a father of my two little boys I always find my time to work in my shop on my KDRA street stock. I grew up racing karts and decided it was time to jump into cars last year. I am doing everything on my own and pay for everything with little sponsorship help. I work hard and plan on making my 2018 racing debut at a local track in Burnside KY named lake Cumberland speedway. Blake Brown last years champion, I watched race every Saturday and thought what would it be like to have the help and put my debut dirt racing career on the right direction. I Know I have what it takes to be a champion!!! To me what a champion is, is someone who takes whatever life throws at them and keeps on digging!