In The Garage

Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan

Lockport, NY

Hi, my name is Scott and I’ve been working on cars since 1988.

I started working on cars and performing State motor vehicle inspections, learning that not only that car safety is important, but that well- maintained vehicles can help save the environment. I see restoration enthusiasts as conservationists and historians in a “trashcan society”.

My proudest moment was when I bought one of my first cars, a Ford Escort, with a burned out wiring harness that I repaired on the weekend. The car had less than 20,000 miles on it and the owner was about to junk the car when I asked to buy and repair it and the car lasted me several years.

My biggest challenge… I purchased a Jeep Liberty last year which “needed an engine repair”. I bought another Liberty and swapped the engine over and had it overhauled. I’m currently working on the body rust. My next challenge is repairing a pair of mopeds I rescued and teach my wife to ride.

I hope to win the contest and use the prize to help with tuition costs that my student loans don’t cover.