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Kenneth Graves


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Kenneth Graves

Tahoka , TX

I’ve been around racing my whole life. My dad raced street stock and then I started racing go karts when I was 6 and won a championship every year and won races in 5 states. I got in a pure stock and a sportmod when I was 12 and won 11 races total that year. Place 3rd in the nation in 2008 with 21 wins and 9 2nd’s. I’ve got about 80 total sportmod wins. I’ve always raced hard and I work hard on the track and in the shop to be the best I can. I even work on other drivers cars to make extra money to put into my car. I’ve slowed down on racing last couple of years but this year I’m planning on going all out again. I’m getting a new car this year from BK Chassis to be his house driver. The chassis will be the only thing not done in my shop. Motor, transmission and rearends my dad builds and I do all the body, suspension and tuning of the suspension. I’m always studying on how I can make my car faster.