On The Track

Bob Reid


Bob Reid

Millbrook, NY

For the past 5 years we have been participating in the F 2000 Championship series sanctioned by U.S.A.C. My history starts in 1980 in Skip Barber Formula Fords leading up to a number of years in Indy Lights ending in 1996 when my 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. So life intervenes and I am out of racing for about 15 years, but the fire still burns. I was offered an opportunity to get back into it by an old friend and once you get back in, the passion is undeniable.

For 2018 we are moving over into the F 1600 series which is quite similar, and run by the same organization. We are building a Citation Honda powered car over the winter. This series uses a spec Honda street car based engine which must be run unmodified internally. The only item you are free to change is the spark plugs. Our team is small but very professional. I have a marketing degree and have worked with sponsors large and small from the Indy Lights days. We are confident we could make Federal Mogul and the Champion Spark plug brand proud of an association with us.