On The Track

Chris Asti


Chris Asti

Henderson, CO

I got into racing because it was something my parents did while I was growing up and it was in my blood. I started racing shortly after I turned 16 winning my first 2 races. At the track, we don't have friends, we have family. Between the race family and striving to be the best I can be, racing became my addiction and it is one that I don't ever want to quit. The hardest thing that I have had to overcome is the fact that I am running cars in classes where they don't belong yet I still find ways to make my racing operation work and be successful. Although I do not have all of the electronics and technology that everyone else may have, I still go out and give my best effort and have a blast while I do it! I have always wanted to travel and grow my experience in this sport and I see Champion as a great company to help me live that dream! Champion can help me show my love for the sport and help guide young racers in the same speed filled life.

I can be your Champion!