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Adam DelGrosso


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Adam DelGrosso

Horseheads, NY

From the moment I stood in Turn 1 at Watkins Glen at age 12 and watched Dale Earnhardt fly into the corner on rain tires, I knew I wanted to be a racecar driver. When I had the opportunity in 2009, I jumped into a 4 Cylinder FWD and have been on the track ever since. I joined C.B. Motorsports and after a couple years of seat time, I picked up my first win. Ended up winning 9 races with that team and learning a ton. Since I joined forces with my brother to form DelGrosso Brothers Racing in 2014, we have won 16 races and 2 track championships. We suffered a setback this year, I was involved in a hard wreck and fractured my T6 vertebra. Fortunately, I had a great rollcage and was wearing a head and neck restraint. Safety always comes first. The injury sidelined me for the rest of 2017, but we are looking forward to getting back into championship form in 2018.